SEO Training Courses and Fees structure

We are currently offering the following programs:

  1. Online SEO training (1 month): Rs 10,000 (US$ 250)
  2. Advanced SEO & Internet Marketing training (specilization in various subjects): Rs 5,000 per course (US$ 150)
  3. Personalized one-to-one online training: Rs 15,000 (US$ 500)
  4. One day crash course in Kochi (Saturday only): Rs 4,000
  5. Two day crash course in Kochi (Saturday & Sunday): Rs 7,500
  6. One week comprehensive SEO training course in Kochi: Rs 10,000
  7. One month training with practical experience: Rs 15,000
  8. Three months SEO training with practical experience in Cochin: Rs 15,000
If you like to attend our online SEO training program in Kerala, please call:

Phone: (91) 9495 559690

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