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How to choose the best SEO training institute?

How to choose the best SEO training institute in Ernakulam, Kerala?

When you choose an SEO training institute, pay attention to few details and carefully choose the best institute that can offer quality training and practice. Here are some tips to choose the best SEO training institute for you:

1. Who is your SEO trainer?

When it comes to training on SEO and Internet Marketing, the brand name of the training institute hardly matters. What is more important is, the expertise of your trainer. So, first ask who will be teaching search engine techniques in the training program. Look for his online profiles like the Facebook page, LinkedIn Page etc. Since SEO and Internet Marketing is all about promoting products or services on the internet, the trainer should definitely have an active online identity. By looking at their online profiles, you will be able to figure out how popular they are, how many people are following them and you can even find out their online expertise. For example, take a look at my LinkedIn profile. You can see my past work experience, how much SEO experience I have and how many websites I am running successfully. So, it is very important to review the experience of the trainer before you choose an SEO training institute. I am running an SEO training centre in Ernakulam (Kerala) under the brand name SEO Professor.

2. How well the SEO training institutes rank in Google for their primary keywords

SEO is nothing but helping websites to rank better in search results like Google Search. So, obviously, someone teaching how to rank well in search results should be able to demonstrate the same for their own websites, right? Take a look at their website and then search in Google for their primary business keywords. For example, if you are looking for SEO training in an institute in Kochi, the website of the SEO training institute should show up in top 3 search results when you search for the term "SEO training institutes in Kochi". If the website of a training centre is displayed in top search results in Google, it is a good indication that the people over there know their own business. (This may not be always true. It is possible that a training centre can hire another profession SEO company and get their website ranked higher in search results.)

3. How long they have been in training business

Even though everyone was new in the business when they started, it is better you avoid the new institutes just because they haven't established any credibility yet. However, this may not be always true. Sometimes SEO experts who have been professionally doing search engine optimization may decide to launch a training institute. In such cases, just because his institute is a new one, it does not mean it is not a good option to choose for your training needs.

4. Read testimonials from past trainees

If there is any way you can contact some of the past trainees, that would be the best way to evaluate an SEO Training Institute. Sometimes, the institutes may have listed the contact information of some of their past trainees. Try to contact them directly and ask their opinion about the institute. Don't just trust the opinion of one or two people, but try to contact as many people as possible. If you don't want to contact them directly, try to search for the testimonials in Google. Many people would start their own blog after attending any SEO training courses and I am sure at least some of them would publish their experience at the SEO training institute. If a majority of them recommend the place, go for it.

5. Training Fees

Some SEO training centres charge very high fees claiming they offer the best SEO training in town. I looked at the SEO training fees in some of the training centres in Kochi. Some of them offer very reasonable rates (Rs 7,000 to Rs 15,00 for a 1-week course) but some others charge extraordinarily high fees like Rs 25,000 for a 1-week course. Even though the fees can vary significantly depending on the quality of the courses and duration, however, anything more than Rs 2,000 per day seems to be too high to select.

SEO Professor charges Rs 18,000 for a full month comprehensive training, which is a very reasonable fee for the high-quality training you can avail.

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