Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Digital Marketing Training in Ernakulam, Kochi

Digital Marketing is the future of Marketing. 

In the past several years, a lot has changed in the marketing segment. Companies have been switching from traditional marketing like Newspaper, television, SMS etc to modern, technology-based digital marketing strategies. Some of the most successful digital marketing platforms include Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

For people who are seeking a great career in Digital India, these new platforms have opened the door to a wide spectrum of job opportunities. There are a plethora of jobs listed in all career platforms. The primary advantage of digital marketing career is, you don't need a specialised degree or masters degree to build a career in this field. Anyone with engineering or marketing education can quickly get into this new field.

How to get a job in Digital Marketing?

In order to start a career, you need to have some basic college education so that you will be able to communicate effectively with your clients and have a general awareness of the technology. A degree in engineering, computers or marketing is preferred. In addition, you need to complete a certification course in digital marketing.

There are a few universities offering Masters course in digital marketing but that is not yet common. If you have an MBA, BCA, MCA or BTech degree, you can quickly switch your career into digital marketing by completing a short-term course in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Training Courses in Ernakulam, Kerala

Ernakulam, the technology hub of Kerala, has a lot of engineering colleges and business schools. However, only a few of them offer any courses relevant to digital marketing. If you are looking for a digital marketing course in Ernakulam, your best option is to go for private digital marketing coaching centres in the city.

Popular digital marketing training centres in Ernakulam:

Let me introduce you to Digital Skill Master (DSM), one of the most popular digital marketing training institutes in Kerala. DSM is part of SpiderWorks Technologies, the No: 1 digital marketing company in Kerala.

SpiderWorks has over 25 employees working with domestic as well as clients, helping to make their business successful by generating leads and building branding through various digital strategies. DSM is a subsidiary of SpiderWorks Technologies and experienced staff from SpiderWorks offer specialised sessions to the students. In addition, there are full-time, dedicated trainers in the institute who are always available to conduct the sessions and help the students.

Course Modules 

The following modules are included in the digital marketing course in the DSM institute at Ernakulam:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Online Branding
  7. Inbound Marketing
  8. Blogging
  9. Google AdSense
  10. Google Ads
  11. Facebook Business Manager
  12. Local Business Marketing
  13. Reputation Management


Digital Skill Master offers the following courses in its training centre in Kakkanad:
  1. One-month certification course
  2. Two-months diploma in digital marketing
  3. Three-months advanced diploma in digital marketing

Placement Assurance

DSM ensures placement for all the trainees who have completed the 3-months course. Typically, an internship is offered in SpiderWorks after completion of the 3-months course and during the internship period, they get hired in reputed digital marketing agencies in UAE or in Kerala. Several batches have been completed and there are no students who are unemployed after the training program with DSM. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SEO Training Centers in Ernakulam, Kochi

I recently relocated from Bangalore to Kochi (Cochin) in Kerala and shifted my SEO training center to Ernakulam. The relocation was part of my desire to settle in my hometown but I ended up finding our new home in Ernakulam city.

I started a small office in Kakkanad, near Ernakulam. We are now operating all of our websites under the company "SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd" and our SEO training will be offered under the brand "SEO Professor" with our new training centre in Ernakulam. You can find more details at www.seoprofessor.in.

SEO Training Institutes in Ernakulam, Kochi area

I will be offering SEO training to a limited number of people in Aluva, Ernakulam, Kalamassery, Kakkanad area. The reason I am accepting only a limited number of people for the training is, it is not a primary business for me. I am a professional blogger and have been running very popular websites like indiastudychannel.com.

I have been running blogs and websites since 1998 and I am currently one of the busiest professional bloggers in India with over 40 websites in my portfolio. I offer SEO training in Ernakulam out of passion and only to the people who are really keen on learn search engine optimisation strategies. I do charge a fee for my time and efforts, but more than that, I do make sure the attendees are really interested and skilled to perform well as a blogger or SEO specialist.

Our office is located in Kakkanad in Ernakulam district, near the collectorate. It is a small office and can accommodate only a few people. I will take a maximum of 5 trainees in each batch to ensure I can accommodate everyone within the limited space and also offer quality training.

Our Approach

Our strategy is completely different from other typical training institutes. While most of the other SEO training institutes in Ernakulam offer typical classroom training, we offer a more practical training with extensive hands-on training in real-world search engine marketing scenarios. If you are accepted into our training program, we will assign you into one of our SEO client projects under the leadership of a senior SEO strategist. You will be working as an SEO person under the guidance of your senior. He will assign you daily tasks and will guide you to successfully complete each micro-tasks. Throughout the training period, you will be guided by the expert. You are always welcome to meet other senior SEO experts in our team and get help when you need.

Occasionally, we will have classroom sessions by the experts who will be delivering sessions on various topics.

Duration of the SEO training program in Ernakulam

Since we don't have a traditional classroom teaching, you have complete flexibility on joining the program, subject to the availability of seats. The program is for 1 month but we don't kick out our trainees after 1 month. You are welcome to stay back with us as long as you want and continue learning. Once you feel confident on doing the tasks yourself without the help of a senior, you are welcome to approach us for a paid internship. We will absorb our trainees as paid interns who will be independently working on client projects and we will offer a stipend depending your productivity level. 
Typically, a paid internship lasts for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, we will absorb our interns as digital marketing strategists, provided you meet our expectations. Even if you don't want to join our team, there are plenty of other opportunities with other SEO companies. We will be happy to help you get a placement with other SEO companies in Ernakulam area and other parts of Kerala. 
Our training fees is one of the lowest in the industry. The primary reason for offering the training at a relatively low fees is, we are not a typical training institute. Our primary goal is to build a good workforce in the SEO segment so that we can hire the best candidates for our SEO company.

Fee for 1 month program: fees for our SEO training in Ernakulam is Rs 18,000/-.

We do allow our trainees to extend the training beyond one month without any additional fees. If you join our SEO training in Ernakulam by paying Rs 18,000, you will be allowed to continue with us as long as you wish or until you get a job.

If you are looking for training in SEO and Internet Marketing, please give me a call to discuss further. If you are from other places, I can help you with homestay/lodge accommodation near our office.

In addition to the training, we are offering SEO services to websites from India and abroad. If you are looking for best SEO companies in Kochi, feel free to contact us for a free site audit report.

Call us for SEO Training in Ernakulam: +91 9495559690

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to choose the best SEO training institute?

How to choose the best SEO training institute in Ernakulam, Kerala?

When you choose an SEO training institute, pay attention to few details and carefully choose the best institute that can offer quality training and practice. Here are some tips to choose the best SEO training institute for you:

1. Who is your SEO trainer?

When it comes to training on SEO and Internet Marketing, the brand name of the training institute hardly matters. What is more important is, the expertise of your trainer. So, first ask who will be teaching search engine techniques in the training program. Look for his online profiles like the Facebook page, LinkedIn Page etc. Since SEO and Internet Marketing is all about promoting products or services on the internet, the trainer should definitely have an active online identity. By looking at their online profiles, you will be able to figure out how popular they are, how many people are following them and you can even find out their online expertise. For example, take a look at my LinkedIn profile. You can see my past work experience, how much SEO experience I have and how many websites I am running successfully. So, it is very important to review the experience of the trainer before you choose an SEO training institute. I am running an SEO training centre in Ernakulam (Kerala) under the brand name SEO Professor.

2. How well the SEO training institutes rank in Google for their primary keywords

SEO is nothing but helping websites to rank better in search results like Google Search. So, obviously, someone teaching how to rank well in search results should be able to demonstrate the same for their own websites, right? Take a look at their website and then search in Google for their primary business keywords. For example, if you are looking for SEO training in an institute in Kochi, the website of the SEO training institute should show up in top 3 search results when you search for the term "SEO training institutes in Kochi". If the website of a training centre is displayed in top search results in Google, it is a good indication that the people over there know their own business. (This may not be always true. It is possible that a training centre can hire another profession SEO company and get their website ranked higher in search results.)

3. How long they have been in training business

Even though everyone was new in the business when they started, it is better you avoid the new institutes just because they haven't established any credibility yet. However, this may not be always true. Sometimes SEO experts who have been professionally doing search engine optimization may decide to launch a training institute. In such cases, just because his institute is a new one, it does not mean it is not a good option to choose for your training needs.

4. Read testimonials from past trainees

If there is any way you can contact some of the past trainees, that would be the best way to evaluate an SEO Training Institute. Sometimes, the institutes may have listed the contact information of some of their past trainees. Try to contact them directly and ask their opinion about the institute. Don't just trust the opinion of one or two people, but try to contact as many people as possible. If you don't want to contact them directly, try to search for the testimonials in Google. Many people would start their own blog after attending any SEO training courses and I am sure at least some of them would publish their experience at the SEO training institute. If a majority of them recommend the place, go for it.

5. Training Fees

Some SEO training centres charge very high fees claiming they offer the best SEO training in town. I looked at the SEO training fees in some of the training centres in Kochi. Some of them offer very reasonable rates (Rs 7,000 to Rs 15,00 for a 1-week course) but some others charge extraordinarily high fees like Rs 25,000 for a 1-week course. Even though the fees can vary significantly depending on the quality of the courses and duration, however, anything more than Rs 2,000 per day seems to be too high to select.

SEO Professor charges Rs 18,000 for a full month comprehensive training, which is a very reasonable fee for the high-quality training you can avail.